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This one is a no-brainer that has been talked about for years. While Jack Swagger is far from the most credible opponent who could face Kurt Angle, there’s certainly a gimmick factor behind this match that can justify doing it.Swagger’s career has largely existed on only two factors: he was a fantastic collegiate athlete and by proxy of his nickname, he has a built-in association with America in general. This instantly drew parallels to Angle and even to this day, people still connect the two despite them never meeting in the ring.For example, when American Alpha and Jack Swagger were both moved to the SmackDown roster, fans called for a resurgence of Team Angle, particularly with Shelton Benjamin advertised to join the brand as well.Nothing of the sort happened as it was not only a stretch, but it was also unnecessary, yet the WWE Universe didn’t get that Angle/Swagger comparison out of their heads.Why not embrace it at this point? Swagger can go into the match either as a babyface looking to gain Angle’s respect or he can be the heel who thinks he’s surpassed Angle’s legacy and needs to be taught a lesson. In either situation, we’d get to see if Swagger could actually hang with one of the best of all time.

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Around 10,000 fans at today’s live event in Barcelona:

* Breezango, Rhyno & Heath Slater & The Hype Bros defeated The Ascension, The Vaudevillians & The Usos after Rhyno hit Jey Uso with the Gore.

* Apollo Crees def. Curt Hawkins.

* Baron Corbin def. Jack Swagger with the End of days.

* Nikki Bella & Naomi def. Natalya & Carmella.

* Dolph Ziggler def. The Miz for the Intercontinental title. Huge pop for Ziggler. One of the best matches of the night. Maryse sprayed Ziggler and Daniel Bryan came out to send her to the back. After that, a superkick and count of three for Dolph Ziggler. Fans went nuts.

* Becky Lynch def. Alexa Bliss for the Smackdown women’s title with the disarmher.

* Kane & American Alpha def. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Randy Orton after Kane chokeslammed Luke Harper.

* WWE Champion AJ Styles pinned Dean Ambrose with a roll-up. James Ellsworth was the time keeper. After the match, Ellsworth superkicked Styles and Ambrose hit him with the Dirty Deeds.

Randy Orton got the biggest pop of the night.

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If you missed this week’s Smackdown Live, Jack Swagger is now part of the brand. The storyline is that his contract on Raw expired on Monday night.

It looks like he will get a renewed push on Smackdown Live. It’s ironic because just a few months ago there were rumors within WWE that he would leave the company once his contract expired and friends of his said that he was considering getting into MMA.

The brand split is allowing some underused talent to shine so hopefully Swagger is given the opportunity to sink or swim. At 34 years old, he still has plenty of time to leave his mark on the wrestling business.

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Imagine you were tasked with creating the ultimate American college athlete. Within seconds you’ll have an image in your head of a towering accomplishment of speed, power and agility with a mouthful of pristine white teeth, a set of shoulders broader than the Grand Canyon and enough confidence to fill it. In other words, you’ve just pieced together WWE superstar Jack Swagger.

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Here is a new Swerved bonus clip, featuring Jack Swagger…

– WWE posted the following video, featuring WWE Cruiserweight Classic participant Ariya Daivari talking about the tournament, his older brother Shawn Daivari, and more…


– Former WWE performer Adam Rose posted the following on Twitter today…

Coming soon the #Rosenuts podcast! Will be talking about #FCW #NXT #WWE and a personal run down of my upcoming Indy run! Should be fun!

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Happy Mother's Day from WWE 068

thumb_Happy_Mother_s_Day_from_WWE_061 thumb_Happy_Mother_s_Day_from_WWE_062 thumb_Happy_Mother_s_Day_from_WWE_063thumb_Happy_Mother_s_Day_from_WWE_064

Superstars, Divas and celebrities honor their heroes – their moms – this Mother’s Day.

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Superstars and Divas pose for thousands of pictures — some serious, some goofy — each year, but not every photo makes it to WWE.com. We found these outtakes on the cutting room floor.

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– In the video below, Jack Swagger talks with KiCK Magazine from Facebook’s UK headquarters during Swagger’s recent WWE promotional tour. Swagger talked about how excited he is for WrestleMania 31 and said he’s looking forward to throwing people over the top rope in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Swagger joked that he apologized to the Andre trophy recently after breaking the original. Swagger also talked about Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar and believes Reigns will win the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Regarding Sting’s first WWE match, Swagger said he couldn’t have a better opponent in Triple H. Swagger also talks about going to the UK, soccer and more.

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Wrestlemania is the sports entertainment event of the year and on March 29th 2015, Wrestlemania 31 will be broadcast to fans around the world, not least to those here in the UK. With the WWE network now available in the UK, fans can watch and relive WM31 and their favourite Wrestlemania moments over and over again. Following Wrestlemania, British fans will get to see the stars of the WWE in person as they tour the country, with Raw and Smackdown due to be filmed in London (tickets for all dates here). We were privileged to sit down with top WWE superstar Jack Swagger to get his views on Wrestlemania and the UK tour. From hair-care advice to humming entrance songs, Swagger is a man of many talents. Intrigued? Read on…

Wrestlemania is around the corner and you’re set to be in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. What would it mean to you to win it?

It would mean a lot. Just to be on a Wrestlemania card, I think, means more to the superstars than a pay check or going to work that day. It’s such a special thing, such an honour to be on there. So to win the Battle Royal would be very impressive and I’d put it up there with one of the best feats of my career. Anything named after Andre the Giant in our line of work is something very special and should be put on a pedestal.

Did you ever meet Andre and do you have any stories about him?

I never got to meet him, I’ve just heard thousands of stories about how he commanded so much respect. The best Andre story refers to when he would get on a plane and someone would have their suitcase by his seat. He would just take that suitcase out, leave it right in the aisle, put his case up and sit down. No-one would say a thing to him!

You’ve faced the ‘Hero of the Russian Federation’ Rusev a number of times. He’s not lost yet so what chance does John Cena have at Wrestlemania?

Rusev is one of those competitors that comes around once in a generation. Everything that you see about him is legit. If anyone were to stand a chance against him it would probably be Jack Swagger! I think I’ve probably got one more Wrestlemania to get him! Me aside, if anyone wants to take him down in this day and age in the WWE it will be John Cena – and what a moment that will be.

You’re used to receiving advice from your manager, Zeb Colter. Brock Lesnar has Paul Heyman. What advice would you give to Roman Reigns before his World Title match against Lesnar?

I think I would tell Roman that he just needs to do everything he has done his entire life. He knows how to win and how to prepare himself. The hay’s in the barn at that point, it’s just time to believe in himself and go win the biggest match of his life. That, and to stop putting so much conditioner in his hair before he goes out! It’s not naturally that shiny! It makes me mad. It’s all product! You’re all product Roman!

What is your favourite Wrestlemania memory either as a fan or a performer?

One memory that always sticks with me, I think just because it was when I was first in developmental training with WWE, was Wrestlemania 24 when Shawn Michaels faced Ric Flair. The respect that Ric has in our business is unmeasurable. WWE captured that moment between him and Shawn so well. It was such a powerful thing and I remember being, I think I was 26 at the time, and watching that match and seeing him with legit tears when he was hugging his family. That made me want to be a sports entertainer. Telling stories like that.

The Twitter hashtag #GiveDivasAChance has been trending. What do you think of the Divas division and who’s your pick to be the next big thing?

I think our divas division is very strong and more competitive than it has been since I’ve been on the roster. They definitely are underutilised and don’t get enough air time – some matches just leave you blown away by what they do. I think Trinity (Naomi) is one of the girls that is going to transcend and change the division. She’s so athletic – if she was a guy she’d be a Pro Bowler in the NFL or an All-Star in the NBA, she’s that good.

After Wrestlemania, WWE will be in the UK for a tour in April. How do UK fans compare to the US and will we see a WWE Pay-Per-View event in the UK?

That’s one of my favourite things about this job. We get to travel the world and see amazing cities and cultures. One thing you see every place you go is that the regions’ fans are different. Coming over the UK, you guys are highly energetic and you love to sing the entrance songs! That has become kind of a characteristic and it’s made me want to sing entrance songs! I even know my own entrance song and how it would go […hums his ‘Patriot’ theme song] but I really enjoy it and we always say our April and November tours are our wrestlers vacation. We get to come over here, eat, sleep and wrestle. As for a pay-per-view event, absolutely. I think we’re definitely gearing up towards that. I’d say in the next five years.

It was a hopeful note on which to finish and so far as Jack Swagger is concerned, he gets the thumbs up from we, the people.