thumb_SD_829_Photo_055-1184300541 thumb_SD_829_Photo_056-3751783495 thumb_SD_829_Photo_062-4091493277 thumb_SD_829_Photo_066-4105371524 thumb_SD_829_Photo_068-319476355

Rusev has something to say before his match. Rusev says before this match, he wants to talk about this unprofessional behavior from the cold fish Lana on Raw. She came and disrespected all of the presents of Hot Summer. This is unacceptable. Lana is jealous because Lana wants to be with him. Rusev tells Lana that he knows she is watching somewhere. He says something in Bulgarian and then he says that he is so ashamed how he had fallen for her and her conniving, backstabbing ways you cow woman Russian wannabe, Lana.

Rusev tells Summer that after he crushes his opponent tonight, he will take Summer with him when he walks their dog Ziggler. Maybe they will lay down a blanket and stare into each other’s eyes..

Before they can kiss, Jack Swagger’s music interrupts.

Rusev (with Summer Rae) versus Jack Swagger

Rusev misses a clothesline and Swagger with arm drags and Rusev goes to the floor. Swagger starts a USA chant to get under Rusev’s skin. Rusev returns to the ring and he tries to kick Swagger but Swagger blocks it and he takes Rusev down with a waist lock. Rusev gets to the ropes and he punches Swagger. Rusev with more punches and then he kicks Swagger.

Rusev chokes Swagger in the corner and the referee warns him. Rusev with a forearm to the back followed by a front face lock and suplex for a near fall. Rusev with a kick to the back and an elbow to the shoulder. Rusev with a kick to the ribs. Rusev tries for another suplex, but Swagger blocks it and he gives Rusev a suplex of his own. Rusev with a clothesline.

Rusev rakes the face in the ropes and then puts Swagger in the ropes and hits a splash to the back. Rusev stands over Swagger and waits for Swagger to get up. Rusev punches Swagger in the ribs and kicks him in the thigh.

Rusev with an Irish whip but Swagger moves and Rusev goes into the turnbuckles. Swagger tries for the ankle lock but Rusev fights out of it. Swagger with a series of clotheslines in the corner and then he climbs the turnbuckles and punches Rusev. Swagger misses a clothesline and Rusev sends Swagger to the apron with a back drop. Swagger with a shoulder but Rusev with a knee when Swagger tries to get back into the ring and we go to commercial.

We are back and Rusev kicks Swagger. Rusev with a front face lock. Swagger with punches but Rusev stops Swagger. Swagger kicks Rusev in the chest and then he hits a flying clothesline and follows with a knee in the corner and a clothesline. Swagger sets for the We The People Double Jump Swagger Bomb but Rusev gets his feet up. Swagger with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall.

Swagger with a double leg take down and he goes for the ankle lock but Rusev does not go over. Swagger gets Rusev over but Rusev kicks Swagger away. Rusev with a jumping spinning heel kick for a near fall. Rusev gets ready for the jumping side kick but Rusev misses and Swagger gets a near fall. Swagger with the Swagger Bomb for a near fall. Rusev rolls to the floor and Swagger follows.

Rusev sends Swagger into the ring post and then they return to the ring. Rusev hits the jumping thrust kick and then he stomps on the back and applies the Accolade. Swagger tries to fight out of the hold but he cannot escape and he taps out.

Winner: Rusev

After the match, Rusev prepares to kiss Summer but he tells Summer to get out of the ring. Rusev misses a splash into the corner and Swagger with a belly-to-belly slam and he applies the ankle lock on Rusev. Rusev is able to get out of the ring.

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Happy Mother's Day from WWE 068

thumb_Happy_Mother_s_Day_from_WWE_061 thumb_Happy_Mother_s_Day_from_WWE_062 thumb_Happy_Mother_s_Day_from_WWE_063thumb_Happy_Mother_s_Day_from_WWE_064

Superstars, Divas and celebrities honor their heroes – their moms – this Mother’s Day.

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thumb_RAW_1139_Photo_179-2847882543 thumb_RAW_1139_Photo_184-1352031581 thumb_RAW_1139_Photo_185-663842251 thumb_RAW_1139_Photo_188-1495273846

Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

Back from the break and Jack Swagger is out as is WWE United States Champion Rusev for a non-title match. Rusev dominates early on as fans chant for Lana but she’s not here.

Rusev keeps control but Swagger looks to make a comeback. Rusev turns it back around and knocks Swagger on the back of his head from the top. Rusev comes back in and charges with a huge kick to the jaw. Rusev turns Swagger over, stomps on his back and applies The Accolade for the win.

Winner: Rusev

After the bell, Rusev won’t break The Accolade and Lana isn’t here to call him off. Rusev keeps the hold locked until John Cena’s music hits. Rusev stands up and Cena hits the ring for a brawl. Cena tackles Rusev and hits him with rights. Cena follows to the floor but Rusev catches him and sends him into the barrier. Rusev scoops Cena and slams his back into the ring post. Rusev launches Cena over the announce table and he lands hard. Rusev yells as fans boo. Rusev grabs his Russian flag and raises it as fans boo. Officials tend to Cena as Cole plays up how bad he’s hurt. Cena crawls away from the wreckage at the announce table as Rusev keeps the flag raised on the other side of the ring. Rusev goes back over and stalks Cena. Rusev charges and Cena turns around to a big kick to the face. Rusev tears apart the announce table and slams Cena face first into it. Rusev climbs up onto the table and stomps on Cena’s back. Rusev applies The Accolade on top of the announce table. Cena goes out in the hold and officials finally get Rusev to break it. Rusev jumps down, yells at officials and grabs his title before going back in the ring to big heat. The Russian flag drops as Rusev’s music hits and he poses with the title. Trainers and referees check on Cena, who is still laid out. Back to commercial.

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Wrestlemania is the sports entertainment event of the year and on March 29th 2015, Wrestlemania 31 will be broadcast to fans around the world, not least to those here in the UK. With the WWE network now available in the UK, fans can watch and relive WM31 and their favourite Wrestlemania moments over and over again. Following Wrestlemania, British fans will get to see the stars of the WWE in person as they tour the country, with Raw and Smackdown due to be filmed in London (tickets for all dates here). We were privileged to sit down with top WWE superstar Jack Swagger to get his views on Wrestlemania and the UK tour. From hair-care advice to humming entrance songs, Swagger is a man of many talents. Intrigued? Read on…

Wrestlemania is around the corner and you’re set to be in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. What would it mean to you to win it?

It would mean a lot. Just to be on a Wrestlemania card, I think, means more to the superstars than a pay check or going to work that day. It’s such a special thing, such an honour to be on there. So to win the Battle Royal would be very impressive and I’d put it up there with one of the best feats of my career. Anything named after Andre the Giant in our line of work is something very special and should be put on a pedestal.

Did you ever meet Andre and do you have any stories about him?

I never got to meet him, I’ve just heard thousands of stories about how he commanded so much respect. The best Andre story refers to when he would get on a plane and someone would have their suitcase by his seat. He would just take that suitcase out, leave it right in the aisle, put his case up and sit down. No-one would say a thing to him!

You’ve faced the ‘Hero of the Russian Federation’ Rusev a number of times. He’s not lost yet so what chance does John Cena have at Wrestlemania?

Rusev is one of those competitors that comes around once in a generation. Everything that you see about him is legit. If anyone were to stand a chance against him it would probably be Jack Swagger! I think I’ve probably got one more Wrestlemania to get him! Me aside, if anyone wants to take him down in this day and age in the WWE it will be John Cena – and what a moment that will be.

You’re used to receiving advice from your manager, Zeb Colter. Brock Lesnar has Paul Heyman. What advice would you give to Roman Reigns before his World Title match against Lesnar?

I think I would tell Roman that he just needs to do everything he has done his entire life. He knows how to win and how to prepare himself. The hay’s in the barn at that point, it’s just time to believe in himself and go win the biggest match of his life. That, and to stop putting so much conditioner in his hair before he goes out! It’s not naturally that shiny! It makes me mad. It’s all product! You’re all product Roman!

What is your favourite Wrestlemania memory either as a fan or a performer?

One memory that always sticks with me, I think just because it was when I was first in developmental training with WWE, was Wrestlemania 24 when Shawn Michaels faced Ric Flair. The respect that Ric has in our business is unmeasurable. WWE captured that moment between him and Shawn so well. It was such a powerful thing and I remember being, I think I was 26 at the time, and watching that match and seeing him with legit tears when he was hugging his family. That made me want to be a sports entertainer. Telling stories like that.

The Twitter hashtag #GiveDivasAChance has been trending. What do you think of the Divas division and who’s your pick to be the next big thing?

I think our divas division is very strong and more competitive than it has been since I’ve been on the roster. They definitely are underutilised and don’t get enough air time – some matches just leave you blown away by what they do. I think Trinity (Naomi) is one of the girls that is going to transcend and change the division. She’s so athletic – if she was a guy she’d be a Pro Bowler in the NFL or an All-Star in the NBA, she’s that good.

After Wrestlemania, WWE will be in the UK for a tour in April. How do UK fans compare to the US and will we see a WWE Pay-Per-View event in the UK?

That’s one of my favourite things about this job. We get to travel the world and see amazing cities and cultures. One thing you see every place you go is that the regions’ fans are different. Coming over the UK, you guys are highly energetic and you love to sing the entrance songs! That has become kind of a characteristic and it’s made me want to sing entrance songs! I even know my own entrance song and how it would go […hums his ‘Patriot’ theme song] but I really enjoy it and we always say our April and November tours are our wrestlers vacation. We get to come over here, eat, sleep and wrestle. As for a pay-per-view event, absolutely. I think we’re definitely gearing up towards that. I’d say in the next five years.

It was a hopeful note on which to finish and so far as Jack Swagger is concerned, he gets the thumbs up from we, the people.


thumb_004_D4S_6753-2739048271 thumb_006_D4S_6820-2057559858 thumb_009_D4S_7349-281482009 thumb_010_D4S_7307-2928152336

Jack Swagger visits London in honor of WWE’s upcoming April 2015 tour of the United Kingdom.

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thumb_SD_810_Photo_055-1246040456 thumb_SD_810_Photo_059-1140022691 thumb_SD_810_Photo_061-1711638098 thumb_SD_810_Photo_061-1711638098

– Rusev and Lana come out for a promo on John Cena. Jack Swagger eventually interrupts with a quick promo. Swagger has Rusev on the defensive and gives a strong “We the People” in his face. However, Rusev regains himself and puts Swagger in “The Accolade” as the Russian flag falls.

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thumb_RAW_1135_Photo_112-1647170022 thumb_RAW_1135_Photo_116-1698698751 thumb_RAW_1135_Photo_120-2802770697 thumb_RAW_1135_Photo_127-963278506

Stardust vs. Jack Swagger

We go to the ring and out comes Stardust. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Jack Swagger is making his way out. Stardust strikes first and unloads on Swagger in the corner. Stardust has on his usual attire and not the tights from Fastlane. Swagger comes back and takes out the knee. Stardust counters a Swagger Bomb and goes for a Disaster Kick but Swagger grabs him for the Patriot Lock. Stardust makes it to the rope and turns it back around. Goldust’s music hits and out he comes. Swagger takes advantage of the distraction and makes Stardust tap out.

Winner: Jack Swagger

– Fans taunt Stardust wit a “Cody” chant after the match as he throws a fit and Goldust looks on.

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thumb_001_SWAG_21315cm_0006-2757420146 thumb_003_SWAG_21315cm_0020-196814132 thumb_005_SWAG_21315cm_0035-4279692265 thumb_013_SWAG_21315cm_0108-1408474869

Jack Swagger trains while in Abu Dhabi for WWE’s February 2015 international tour.

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thumb_RAW_1127_Photo_146-3690861588 thumb_RAW_1127_Photo_152-3314082124 thumb_RAW_1127_Photo_163-2577564185 thumb_RAW_1127_Photo_166-3922228886

Jack Swagger vs. Luke Harper

We go to the ring and out comes Jack Swagger by himself. Luke Harper is out next.

They lock up and Swagger applies a headlock. Harper breaks out and taunts Swagger. They go to the corner. Harper unloads on Swagger after turning it around. Swagger takes it to another corner and works Harper over until Harper nails a big uppercut. Swagger finally hits a big clothesline and wakes things up. Harper cuts Swagger off with a dropkick for a 2 count. Harper works Swagger over in the corner now. Harper takes Swagger down and holds him. Swagger fights to his feet but Harper hits an uppercut. Swagger dumps Harper over the top rope and follows with a big clothesline. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and they’re going at it. Harper hits a huge boot for a 2 count. Harper catapults Swagger under the middle rope and covers for another pin attempt. Harper with a gator roll and a headlock. Swagger makes a comeback. He ducks a clothesline and hits a big one of his own for a close 2 count. Swagger takes the knee out and dumps Harper on his head for a 2 count. Harper with a big shot. Swagger counters a move and goes for the Patriot Lock but can’t get it in. Harper with a big superkick and a 2 count. More back and forth. Swagger shoves Harper into the corner and applies the Patriot Lock. Harper makes it to the bottom rope. Swagger goes for a Swagger Bomb but Harper gets his boots up. Harper with a big clothesline for the win.

Winner: Luke Harper

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thumb_RAW_1126_Photo_066-696566625 thumb_RAW_1126_Photo_069-3107708656 thumb_RAW_1126_Photo_070-3657193237 thumb_RAW_1126_Photo_077-1201193654

Jack Swagger vs Fandango (with Rosa Mendes)

They lock up and Swagger with a waist lock take down and Fandango tries for a side head lock but Swagger holds on. Fandango with a side head lock. Fandango goes for a float over but Swagger does not go into the corner. Swagger with a waist lock take down and he tries for the ankle lock but Fandango goes to the floor.

Swagger with a boot to Fandango followed by a splash into the corner and a clothesline. Swagger with the Double Jump Swagger Bomb attempt but Fandango goes his feet up. Swagger with a kick and he hits the Swagger bomb for a near fall. The referee pulls Swagger out of the corner and Fandango with a series of enzuigiris that stagger Swagger. Fandango goes up top and he hits the FandangoBama Jam for the three count.

Winner: Fandango

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