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We go to the ring and it’s filling up with Superstars. The bell hits and everyone goes at it. Axel stops things and everyone looks on as he tears his Axelmania t-shirt to a pop. He turns around and everyone picks him up and gets surfed around, then tossed to the floor. Axel is eliminated.

Big Show works on Titus in the corner. Goldust and Darren Young go t it. Henry goes at it with one of the Matadores. Ryback grabs Itami but he fights him off. Bo Dallas is fighting out of the corner. Adam Rose and Fandango eliminate themselves off the apron. Big Show chops Itami. Sandow eliminates Alex Riley. Zack Ryder takes out Heath Slater and goes for the Broski Boot but Bo eliminates him. Bo goes nuts at eliminating Ryder and jumps over the top rope, eliminating himself. Bo doesn’t realize it as he runs around the ring to celebrate. Bo runs back in the ring and maybe he didn’t go over the top. Itami unloads on Bo and sends him over the top. Bo is now eliminated. Itami unloads and gets chants but Big Show throws him to the apron. Show knocks Itami to the floor with a knockout punch and fans boo. Itami is eliminated. Kane eliminates one of the Matadores. Cesaro eliminates Sin Cara.

Tyson Kidd gets eliminated. The Ascension double team Henry and eliminate him. They double team Ryback now and the go to work on Big Show and Titus. Fans chant for Sandow, who is working together with The Miz. Goldust works on Young. Konnor knocks Big Show down. Uso and Cesaro go at it. Ryback eliminates The Ascension at the same time.

Ryback eliminates Young after a Meathook. Ryback tosses Slater over the top next. Titus runs over Ryback and barks. Titus misses in the corner and Ryback eliminates him. Ryback with Shellshocked to Swagger. Swagger is eliminated by Big Show. Kofi, Woods and Big E unload on Big Show. Big almost eliminates Show but he hangs on. The New Day keeps hitting him but Show tosses Big E and eliminates him. Show eliminates Woods with a knockout punch. Show eliminates Kofi next. Rowan beats down Show in the corner now.

Fans chant for Sandow some more. Big Show eliminates Rowan. Ryback runs over Show. Ryback eliminates Goldust. Ryback goes for Shellshocked on Show but Kane makes the save. Kane with a double chokeslam on Miz and Sandow. Kane goes to toss Cesaro but he hangs on. Cesaro crawls back in and scoops Kane. Kane is eliminated by Cesaro. Fans chant for Cesaro now. Uso is eliminated by Big Show. Cesaro and Show go at it now. Cesaro scoops Show up but can’t keep him up. Show eliminates Cesaro to boos from the crowd. Show raises his hand but turns around to Ryback with a spinebuster. Fans chant for Ryback but he runs into a choke from Show. Ryback gets eliminated. It’s down to Sandow, Miz and Show as fans cheer.

Miz gives Sandow orders as Show watches from his corner. Fans chant for Sandow. Sandow shakes his head “no” at Miz and the crowd pops. A “yes!” chant breaks out as Miz tries to talk Sandow into getting on the same page. Fans boo The Miz. Miz loses his cool and starts talking trash to Sandow and yelling at him. Miz puts his hands on Sandow and he gets pissed. Sandow says he quits and tosses Miz over the top rope. Miz is eliminated. Sandow yells at Miz from the ring. Miz jumps back on the apron but Sandow knocks him off. Referees order Miz to the back but he tries to go back to the apron. Miz throws a fit as Sandow is left in the ring with Big Show. Sandow turns around and realizes this. Show walks up on Sandow and laughs. Show opens his arms and challenges Sandow to bring it. Sandow with a forearm. Sandow unloads. Show tosses him over but Sandow hangs on and pulls himself back in. Sandow unloads again and backs Show into the ropes. Sandow with a clothesline but Show runs over him with a shoulder block. Fans boo. Show charges but Sandow ducks. Show goes over the top but barely hangs on. Sandow bites his hand and stomps but Show falls to the apron. Sandow bites the fingers again but Show fights his way back to his feet. Sandow rocks him and bounces off the ropes. Show grabs him by the throat and comes back in the ring. Sandow manages to get a submission locked and Show starts fading. Show comes up out of nowhere and powers out of the hold by tossing Sandow to the floor for the win.

Winner: Big Show

– After the match, Show’s music hits as we go to replays. Show goes to ringside and grabs the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy. It’s heavy but Show manages to hoist it up for his WrestleMania moment.


 TLC14_Photo_215-1140916891.jpg TLC14_Photo_214-856044045.jpg TLC14_Photo_212-3664090936.jpg TLC14_Photo_205-1561998298.jpg

We go to the ring and out comes Lana with WWE United States Champion Rusev. She starts talking but is immediately interrupted by the music. Jack Swagger comes out to a pop and is ready to fight. They go at it and Swagger slams Rusev on his ankle.

Swagger brings Rusev back in and works on the ankle. Rusev goes to the floor for a breather. They come back in and Swagger nails a clothesline after ducking one. Swagger with a splash in the corner. Rusev avoids a Swagger Bomb. Swagger catches a superkick and turns it into a Patriot Lock but Rusev goes into the Accolade. Swagger gets to the bottom rope but Rusev pulls him back to the middle of the ring and applies the hold again. Swagger looks to be passing out in the hold. He finally gets to his feet with Rusev on his back but falls on the mat. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock and gets it locked in.

They end up on the floor and Rusev drops Swagger with a big superkick. They come back in and Rusev nails another big kick. Rusev applies the Accolade for the win as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Rusev

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Looking to regain the United States Title and avenge his fallen mentor in one fell swoop, Jack Swagger will challenge U.S. Champion Rusev this Sunday at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs … and Stairs.

The Super Athlete heinously attacked Zeb Colter backstage during the Dec. 1 Raw, injuring Swagger’s patriotic partner and fueling even more animosity between he and The Real American.

Already familiar foes, Rusev and Swagger clashed in several high-profile bouts earlier this year, including a fierce Flag Match at SummerSlam. Though Swagger holds a rare disqualification victory over the outspoken Hero of the Russian Federation, no one has yet pinned Rusev or made him tap. To reclaim the U.S. Championship, which he held briefly in 2012, Swagger must achieve one of those two outcomes this Sunday.

Given Rusev’s unprovoked beatdown of Colter, there is ample reason to believe Swagger will be more motivated than ever when he stands across the ring from The Super Athlete at WWE TLC. Rusev and Lana witnessed Swagger’s fury in person after Rusev claimed responsibility for taking out Colter, as the irate Oklahoman bolted to the ring and bum-rushed the U.S. Champion before WWE officials intervened.

Don’t miss out when this highly charged collision takes center stage at WWE TLC. Will Swagger make Colter proud by finally forcing Rusev to succumb to the Patriot Lock, or will the U.S. Champion’s streak of dominance continue? Find out by watching WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs … and Stairs this Sunday on WWE Network and pay-per-view at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.


thumb_SUR14_Photo_027-3100792691 thumb_SUR14_Photo_032-3517158077 thumb_SUR14_Photo_043-3924112620 thumb_SUR14_Photo_045-8819161

After the announcement by a reinvigorated Barrett, proud son of Switzerland Cesaro had a declaration of his own, in several languages. He pointed out that his native country has stayed neutral throughout global conflict, but in “the greatest battle in WWE history” – Team Cena vs. Team Authority – he is indeed taking sides with Team Authority. Cesaro’s former allies, Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger, emerged to make a statement of their own. Colter claimed Swiss neutrality is a myth and Cesaro is just a brown noser, unlike Americans, who work hard to get things done – just like they – and Team Cena – will!

When the former tag team partners decided to then settle their score in the ring on the Survivor Series Kickoff, Swagger made his country proud with an all-American victory. Swagger locked Cesaro in the Patriot Lock early, putting the Swiss Superman in trouble, but Cesaro kicked his way out out of the hold, driving Swagger out of the ring. As the battle raged on, Cesaro hit The All-American American with two vicious German suplexes, but on the attempted third, Swagger countered with another Patriot Lock, this time forcing his former ally to tap out. We The People!

WINNER: Jack Swagger

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Flag Match: Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

We go to the ring and out comes Rusev with Lana. The winner of this match will have their flag displayed above the ring. Lana cuts a promo and rips on Hollywood, calling it everything that’s wrong with America. A Color Guard comes out to begin Swagger’s entrance. He comes out with Zeb Colter and the American flag. Rusev attacks Swagger before the match and the American flag actually touches the ground. Swagger fights back and they’re separated. Lana yells at everyone, including Rusev. Fans chant USA as Rusev sells a leg injury.

The bell rings and Swagger unloads on Rusev in the corner. Fans chant “we the people” as Swagger has control. Rusev goes to the floor but Swagger brings him back in. Rusev limps back out to the floor and Swagger runs him over. They come back in the ring. Swagger goes for the Swagger Bomb but Rusev gets his knees up. Rusev works Swagger over now but his ankle is hurt. Rusev with knees in the corner now. Rusev with a big kick to the back. Rusev keeps control as fans chant for Swagger. Rusev with a headbutt and a bear hug now.

Rusev keeps control and sends Swagger to the mat. Rusev with a knee to the back. Swagger makes a comeback and hits a big clothesline. Swagger with a splash in the corner and a boot to the face. Swagger nails the Swagger Bomb for a 2 count. Rusev fights back. Swagger catches a superkick and goes for the Patriot Lock but it’s blocked. Swagger slams Rusev for a 2 count. Rusev goes for Swagger’s injured ribs again and hits the superkick. Lana tells Rusev to crush. Rusev stomps Swagger’s back and goes for The Accolade but his ankle gives out. Rusev does the move on one foot and a knee but Swagger powers out. Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock but and tightens it, pulling Rusev back. Rusev breaks it and hits a big kick. Rusev locks in The Accolade like usual now for the win as Swagger passes out. He did not tap.

Winner: Rusev

– After the match, Zeb comes in to check on Swagger. Lana comes in and yells at Zeb. Rusev runs over Zeb with a big kick to the head. Lana and Rusev stand over them as the Russian flag drops down over the ring and the Russian national anthem plays.

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Jack Swagger prepares to defend America’s honor at SummerSlam when he takes on the hulking Hero of the Russian Federation, Rusev, in a Flag Match.

Lana, Rusev’s social ambassador, laid out a challenge for the match on the Aug. 1 edition of SmackDown, a challenge that Zeb Colter immediately and zealously accepted on Swagger’s behalf. At SummerSlam, Old Glory will be hanging in one corner of the ring and the Russian flag in another, and the first Superstar to incapacitate his opponent enough so he can scale the turnbuckles and capture his own flag will be declared the victor.

To date, no Superstar has given Rusev more trouble than Colter’s 6-foot-7, 275-pound, corn-fed “Big Hoss.” Lana’s Super Athlete has yet to suffer a pinfall or submission loss since debuting in WWE in April, but Swagger is the lone Superstar to have notched a win of any kind — albeit, a disqualification victory — over the Bulgarian-born Russian icon.

The clashes so far between Swagger and Rusev have all been hard-hitting affairs, but their Aug. 27 showdown now contains an overtly patriotic twist. When the dust settles, will it be the Stars and Stripes — which Colter says stands for “pick-up trucks, pretty girls and beers” — that’s waved proudly? Or will Lana and Rusev have their way, and it will be the red, white and blue of the Russian flag that’s triumphantly displayed for all to see?

Watch these two heavyweight warriors tie up at SummerSlam, which airs live on WWE Network and pay-per-view Sunday, Aug. 17, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.


thumb_BAT14_Photo102 thumb_BAT14_Photo111 thumb_BAT14_Photo126

We go to the ring and out comes Lana and Rusev. Lana takes the mic and a big USA chant starts. Rusev rants and Lana tells the fans to shut up. She says Americans should be insulted and afraid. We should be ashamed. She says we are leaderless and says they call our President a wuss. She says unlike their leader, Vladimir Putin. We see his face on the big screen. Lana says Putin is a man that takes responsibility and stands up for what he believes in and isn’t afraid to speak the truth. A “Putin sucks” chant tries to start up. Lana says Putin will crush us all and Rusev will crush Jack Swagger. The music hits and Swagger makes his way out with Zeb Colter to a big pop. Swagger is waving an American flag.

Zeb says we’ve heard of Natasha and she slaps him. Rusev attacks Swagger and they go at it. Swagger gets the upperhand and sends Rusev over the top rope. We finally get the bell and Swagger stops Rusev from rushing in. Rusev goes back to the floor as fans continue to chant USA. Rusev comes in and kicks Swagger, going to work on him. Rusev takes Swagger to the corner but he fights out. Rusev misses a charge in the corner. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock again but Rusev goes back to the floor.

Swagger brings it back in and works Rusev over in the corner. Rusev fires right back and runs over Swagger. Rusev with a big overhead throw. Rusev keeps Swagger grounded and continues to work him over now. Swagger breaks free but Rusev works him over with kicks in the corner. Rusev with a big kick to the head to knock Swagger down. Cole informs us that Dean Ambrose will not be returning tonight. Swagger blocks a kick and fights back. Rusev backdrops him over the top and Swagger lands hard on the floor.

Rusev keeps Swagger off the apron. Zeb gives Swagger a pep talk and he runs back in. Swagger makes a comeback and hits a big knee in the corner. Swagger with a big boot. Swagger nails a Swagger Bomb for a 2 count. Rusev fights back with big shots to the head. Swagger counters a move and slams Rusev for a 2 count. More back and forth. Rusev nails a big kick to the face. Swagger manages to get the Patriot Lock applied. Rusev reaches for the bottom rope but Swagger pulls him back. Rusev crawls back to the bottom rope and breaks the hold. Rusev falls out to the floor.

Swagger attacks on the floor and applies the Patriot Lock. Rusev counters and pulls Swagger head first into the ring post. Rusev makes it back in at the 9 count and Swagger gets counted out.

Winner by Count Out: Rusev

– After the match, Lana comes in the ring to pose with Rusev as the Russian flag drops down. Officials check on Swagger outside of the ring as Rusev celebrates and we go to replays. Lana tells Rusev to crush and he goes to the floor. Rusev lifts Swagger and rolls him in the ring. Rusev stomps on Swagger’s back and applies The Accolade. Referees come in to break it as Zeb looks on. Rusev keeps it locked until Lana tells him to break it. Rusev yells some more and limps to the back.

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Can Rusev crush a Real American? That will be the question on the minds of the WWE Universe when former World Champion Jack Swagger and the undefeated Rusev throw hands in a super-heavyweight American-Russian showdown at WWE Battleground.

It’s a collision that WWE fans have anticipated ever since Lana and the Bulgarian-born Hero of the Russian Federation began trash-talking the stars-and-stripes many months ago. Patriotic to the core, Swagger and outspoken propagator Zeb Colter haven’t always endeared themselves to audiences with their polarizing messages. Yet, by confronting Rusev and Lana on the June 30 edition of Raw and pointing out that it’s the freedom of speech that allows them to spew their anti-American sentiments, Swagger and Colter immediately became unlikely heroes, leading perhaps the most resounding “We the People!” chant in history.

Swagger and Colter also spent weeks challenging Rusev, and on July 14, the powerhouse finally accepted after a Russia Détente broke down on Raw.

Swagger has done more than just garner the support of the WWE Universe; the 6-foot-7 former University of Oklahoma All-American has also taken the 305-pound Super Athlete off his feet — a rare sight thus far in Rusev’s blossoming WWE career.

Now that he’s leading the charge in a fight that much of the WWE Universe can get behind, will Swagger be able to stop Lana’s monstrous newcomer? Or will The Real American’s night on July 20 come to an unceremonious end with Lana’s command of “Crush!” and Rusev locking in the Accolade?

National pride will be at stake when these two tanks — both unflinching in their beliefs and unwilling to back down — meet head-on. Don’t miss the brawl when WWE Battleground airs live on WWE Network and pay-per-view Sunday, July 20, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.


thumb_MITB14_Photo_123 thumb_MITB14_Photo_124 thumb_MITB14_Photo_130

We go to the ring and out first comes Seth Rollins as we see the briefcase hanging high above the ring. Rob Van Dam is out next to a pop. Jack Swagger is out next with Zeb Colter. Kofi Kingston is out next after Dolph Ziggler. Finally, Dean Ambrose is out last. He hits the ring and goes right at it with Rollins, brawling out of the ring and into the timekeeper’s area.

It’s chaos already. Kofi goes at it with RVD. He brings a ladder in and takes him out. Kofi dropkicks Swagger and positions him on top of a flat ladder. Kofi nails a Boom Drop with Swagger on the ladder. Kofi sends Swagger out of the ring with a ladder shot. Kofi is the only one in the ring. He sets up a ladder, which has a spotlight shining on it, and climbs up. Ambrose tips the ladder over but Kofi uses that to springboard off the ropes and land on RVD, Swagger and Ziggler on the floor. Ambrose climbs up but Rollins pulls him down. Rollins goes up but Ambrose stops him and works him over. Ambrose leans a ladder in the corner. He goes for a suplex on it but Rollins blocks it. They try to suplex each other onto the ladder but Ambrose finally nails it and Rollins lands hard.

Ambrose and Swagger take turns going up the ladder and pulling each other down. Ziggler and Kofi run in for the ladder now but they keep pulling each other off. Kofi and Dolph meet at the top, trading shots. Ambrose sends Swagger to the floor. Kofi and Dolph send Ambrose to the floor. Kofi and Dolph run back up the ladder and trade shots in front of the briefcase. They fall to the mat and continue fighting. Rollins takes them both down with a ladder shot. RVD kicks Rollins into a ladder. Fans chant for RVD as he unloads on Rollins. RVD catapults Rollins out of the corner. RVD stands a ladder up in the corner and whips Rollins’ back into it. RVD follows up with a big kick and the ladder falls on Rollins. RVD lays a ladder across the bottom rope now. RVD slams Rollins on it and goes to the other side of the ring, nailing a Rolling Thunder onto the ladder that was on the bottom rope. Ambrose comes in but RVD sends him to the apron and kicks him to the floor. Ziggler comes in but RVD kicks him down. Swagger also runs in but gets taken out by RVD. RVD goes to the top and nails a Five Star Frogsplash on Swagger.

RVD climbs up alone but Kofi meets him before he can grab it. Swagger tips them both over. They take out Swagger and Kofi goes to work on RVD. RVD fights back. RVD goes to the top but Kofi cuts him off. RVD blocks a superplex and Swagger runs up with a ladder to Kofi’s back. Swagger knocks Kofi to the floor with a ladder. Swagger stands a ladder up in front of the turnbuckles, which RVD is still sitting on hurt. Swagger climbs the ladder and pulls RVD on to it by his hair. Swagger goes for a massive superplex from a tall ladder but RVD headbutts him, sending Swagger to the mat by himself. RVD goes to leap out for the briefcase or nail a high Five Star but Rollins stops him. Rollins climbs up and they trade shots. They struggle with a suplex attempt. Swagger comes and powerbombs RVD from high up on the ladder, all the way down to the mat. Ambrose climbs up now. Ambrose nails a massive superplex from the top of the tall ladder. Rollins is out.

Ziggler runs in and dropkicks a ladder into Ambrose. Swagger takes Ziggler out and catapults him into Ambrose and a ladder. Swagger tosses Kofi across the ring. Swagger slams a ladder on top of Kofi. Swagger runs the ropes and nails a Swagger Bomb on Kofi and the ladder. Kofi rolls to the floor. Swagger pulls a ladder under the briefcase as Zeb cheers him on. Swagger climbs up but RVD runs in and meets him. Ambrose pulls Swagger down. Rollins pulls RVD down. Ambrose and Rollins run up the ladder now and trade shots. Ambrose unloads and knocks Rollins down to the mat. Ambrose reaches but Swagger runs in and slams Ambrose but Ambrose counters into a DDT. Rollins slowly climbs up now. Ambrose tips the ladder over, sending Rollins to the mat. Ambrose is selling a shoulder injury from the DDT and referees check on him with a medic. The medic says it could be dislocated but Ambrose wants back in. He’s upset and pushes the medics off. Medics tell Ambrose he can’t compete and fans boo. Ambrose walks to the back pissed off.

Rollins climbs up but RVD meets him and they trade shots. Kofi makes a bridge from the top rope to the ladder with another ladder. He climbs up but RVD fights he and Rollins off at the same time. RVD’s leg gets hung up and he falls to the mat, clutching his hamstring. Medics and referees tend to RVD now. Rollins reaches for the case but Kofi backdrops him through the ladder bridge for a sick bump. Kofi has the case but Ziggler pulls him down and unloads. Ziggler blocks a SOS with a big DDT. Swagger runs in but Ziggler takes him out. Ziggler with a big splash in the corner and right hands on Swagger. RVD comes back in and goes at it with Ziggler. We see a replay of Rollins’ fall and it was bad. Zig Zag on RVD. Swagger also goes down. Ziggler misses a ladder shot on Kofi. Ziggler ducks Trouble In Paradise and nails a Zig Zag on Kofi on top of the ladder. Ziggler stands a ladder up under the briefcase again. He climbs up but Swagger runs back in. Swagger applies the Patriot Lock while Ziggler is still on the ladder. Dolph manages to pull himself up the ladder while Swagger still has the hold applied. Ziggler kicks Swagger in the face and looks up at the briefcase. Ziggler is tired but manages to get himself up the ladder. He reaches for the case but Rollins hits his ankle with a chair.

Rollins beats on Ziggler with a chair. Fans chant for Ambrose. Rollins climbs the ladder but Ambrose runs out to a big pop. Ambrose unloads on Rollins with the chair and beats him around the ring with it. Ambrose tosses Rollins to the floor and climbs up the ladder. Ambrose is in pain as he tries to reach for the case with his injured shoulder. The ring explodes with pyro and Kane runs out. Ambrose fights him off with kicks to the head. Kane finally pulls Ambrose off the ladder and chokeslams him. Kane nails a Tombstone on Ambrose as fans boo. Rollins rolls back in the ring now. Kane stands guard and holds the ladder as Rollins climbs up to grab the briefcase for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

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thumb_ER14_Photo_044 thumb_ER14_Photo_050 thumb_ER14_Photo_053

We go to the ring and out first comes Rob Van Dam to a big pop. Lilian Garcia does the introductions. Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger are out next followed by Cesaro and Paul Heyman.

Heyman cuts a promo on the stage and says WWE only does it right one night year. He baits the fans and starts bragging about Brock Lesnar ending The Streak. Heyman then praises Cesaro and introduces him as they head to the ring. The bell rings and they all start going at it. RVD fights them both off but they double team him. Cesaro kicks and uppercuts Swagger. Cesaro with more uppercuts. Swagger with a big powerslam on Cesaro. RVD with forearms on Swagger. RVD nails a thrust kick. RVD catapults Cesaro out of the corner and on top of Swagger. Fans pop for RVD as he covers Swagger for 2.

More back and forth. Cesaro catches a RVD crossbody but Swagger boots them both to the mat. Swagger with a 2 count. Swagger brings RVD back in from the floor and hits him with knees in the corner. RVD back drops Swagger to the floor. Cesaro backdrops RVD to the floor but RVD hangs on and powerbombs Cesaro on the floor. RVD gets up but Swagger runs over him with a clothesline. Swagger brings RVD back in the ring for a 2 count. Swagger slams RVD on the back of his head for another close 2 count. Swagger with another slam. Swagger nails a Swagger Bomb but RVD kicks out at 2. Cesaro runs in and drops Swagger. Cesaro hits the Cesaro Swing.

RVD breaks up the Swing and covers Cesaro for 2. RVD goes to the top. Swagger runs up and slams him on his face. Swagger with the Patriot Lock. RVD rolls through and kicks Swagger. Cesaro with a springboard uppercut on Swagger, breaking the other struggle. Swagger and Cesaro go at it now. Cesaro stands on the second rope and superplexes Swagger from the apron. RVD nails a Fivestar Frogsplash and steals the pin on Swagger. There was some confusion at first about if he was pinned or not but Swagger is eliminated.

Cesaro with 3 gutwrench slams for a 2 count. Fans chant for Cesaro as Heyman cheers him on. More back and forth. Cesaro blocks a kick and nails a German for 2. RVD goes to the floor but Cesaro leaps off the ring and decks him. Cesaro tosses RVD hard into the fan barrier. Cesaro climbs up on the barrier but RVD takes his leg out. RVD goes to the apron and leaps all the way out, nailing a kick across the back of Cesaro’s neck. A big “ECW” chant starts. RVD goes back in and poses. Cesaro comes in and RVD nails Rolling Thunder for a 2 count. RVD nails a split legged moonsault for another 2 count.

RVD brings a trash can from under the ring but Cesaro baseball slides it into him. Fans chant for tables. Cesaro brings RVD back in and grabs the trash can. RVD blocks it and takes him down with a scissors for 2. RVD tosses the can and kicks it into Cesaro’s head. RVD puts the can on top of Cesaro. He goes to the top for a Fivestar but Cesaro moves. Cesaro hits a Neutralizer on top of the can for the win.

Winner: Cesaro

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