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This one is a no-brainer that has been talked about for years. While Jack Swagger is far from the most credible opponent who could face Kurt Angle, there’s certainly a gimmick factor behind this match that can justify doing it.Swagger’s career has largely existed on only two factors: he was a fantastic collegiate athlete and by proxy of his nickname, he has a built-in association with America in general. This instantly drew parallels to Angle and even to this day, people still connect the two despite them never meeting in the ring.For example, when American Alpha and Jack Swagger were both moved to the SmackDown roster, fans called for a resurgence of Team Angle, particularly with Shelton Benjamin advertised to join the brand as well.Nothing of the sort happened as it was not only a stretch, but it was also unnecessary, yet the WWE Universe didn’t get that Angle/Swagger comparison out of their heads.Why not embrace it at this point? Swagger can go into the match either as a babyface looking to gain Angle’s respect or he can be the heel who thinks he’s surpassed Angle’s legacy and needs to be taught a lesson. In either situation, we’d get to see if Swagger could actually hang with one of the best of all time.