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Bo Dallas vs. Justin Gabriel

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter were at ringside watching. As soon as the bell rang, Dallas did some mic work. He said the fans are destined to be failures, but if they work hard and listen to him, they can be just like him. He said they can be “America’s Sweetheart.” Dallas wanted the fans to place their hand over their heart, but Colter interrupted. Colter said if Dallas is America’s Sweetheart, then he’s Arianna Grande. He said Dallas should be on an infomercial selling snake oil and his bogus philosophy. Colter did the “We the People” chant. At this point, we’re 1:33 into the match. First contact at 1:39 and Dallas was not happy. Roll-up by Gabriel for two, then a leg-sweep. Another roll-up for two. Hard whip into the buckle by Dallas. Short-arm clothesline followed punches. Gabriel made his comeback but sadly, no one cared. Springboard cross-body for two. Springboard moonsault missed. Bo-Dog by Dallas for the win.

WINNER: Bo Dallas

Swagger got on the apron. He and Dallas tussled briefly before Dallas exited the ring. Swagger couldn’t get a good shot in at him.

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