Match Number Five: Team Teddy (Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Sheamus, Fernando, Diego, El Torito, Mark Henry, and Jack Swagger) versus Team Johnny (Cesaro, Goldust, Stardust, Heath Slater, Titus O’Neil, GatorSwoggle, Damien Sandow, and Bo Dallas)

Fernando and Goldust start things off and Goldust gasps in Fernando’s face and he punches him and sends Fernando into the turnbuckles. Goldust with punches but Fernando with chops. Goldust retreats to his corner. Goldust with a punch followed by a kick and Irish whip. Fernando with an elbow and he hits a head scissors from the turnbuckles. Fernando with an elbow to Stardust and he sends Stardust into the turnbuckles. Diego with a head scissors to Stardust.

Slater comes in and he is met with a double drop kick. Everyone gets into the ring and we have a standoff until Team Johnny leaves the ring. We go to commercial.

We are back and Titus punches Jey before tagging in Goldust. Goldust with a back rake. Slater tags in and he punches Jey. Titus chokes Jey while the referee deals with Slater. Stardust tags in and he punches and chops Jey. Jimmy tags in and he chops Stardust. Jimmy with an Irish whip but Jimmy is sent to the apron. He knocks Goldust off the apron but Stardust with a double jump drop kick to send Jimmy to the floor. Stardust sends Jimmy into the ringside barrier.

They return to the ring and Goldust tags in and he connects with a knee drop. Goldust kicks Jimmy and the Gator tags in and he hits a few splashes in the corner. Slater tags in and he kicks Jimmy. Sandow tags in and he punches Jimmy and slams him. Sandow with a leaping knee drop for a near fall. Sandow with a reverse chin lock and he pulls Jimmy to the mat by pulling the hair. Titus tags in and he kicks Jimmy.

Titus with a back breaker and he drops down. Titus barks and then he kicks Jimmy in the corner. Titus with forearms to the back. Jimmy with a boot to the charging O’Neil. Cesaro tags in and he stops Jimmy from making the tag and he turns a front face lock into a dead lift side salto and we go to commercial.

We are back and Slater with a reverse chin lock to Jimmy. Jimmy with uppercuts but Slater stops Jimmy from making the tag. Jimmy with a dragon whip and both men are down. Cesaro knocks Henry off the apron but Jimmy with a back body drop and he tags in Sheamus. Sheamus with two running double sledges to Cesaro followed by a knee lift to Dallas. Sheamus knocks Stardust off the apron and he connects with the shoulder in the corner followed by a knee lift. He starts with the forearms to Cesaro but Stardust tries to interfere and Sheamus connects on Stardust. Slater tries to interfere but Sheamus stops him and he has three chests to pound on.

Cesaro drops Sheamus on the top rope but Sheamus with White Noise for a near fall that is broken up by Sandow. Swagger with a belly-to-belly slam to Sandow. Slater with a jumping leg lariat to Swagger. Titus clotheslines Swagger over the top rope to the floor. The Usos pull Slater and Titus to the floor. The Usos hold the ropes for Fernando and Diego to hit stereo suicide dives. The Usos send Goldust and Stardust to the floor. The Usos with stereo planchas. The Gator is stopped by a drop kick from Torito. Torito is stopped by Dallas and Bo with an Outsider’s Edge onto everyone on the floor.

Henry tries for the World’s Strongest Slam on Bo but Bo gets to his feet and he sends Henry to the floor. Sheamus with a Brogue kick to Bo but Sheamus falls victim to the Giant Swing but Jimmy with a super kick to Cesaro. Stardust sends Jimmy to the floor. Sandow tags in and he goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Sheamus sends Sandow into the corner. Sheamus with a Brogue kick to Sandow and Jey tags in for the Superfly Splash and the three count.

Winners: Team Teddy

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