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After the announcement by a reinvigorated Barrett, proud son of Switzerland Cesaro had a declaration of his own, in several languages. He pointed out that his native country has stayed neutral throughout global conflict, but in “the greatest battle in WWE history” – Team Cena vs. Team Authority – he is indeed taking sides with Team Authority. Cesaro’s former allies, Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger, emerged to make a statement of their own. Colter claimed Swiss neutrality is a myth and Cesaro is just a brown noser, unlike Americans, who work hard to get things done – just like they – and Team Cena – will!

When the former tag team partners decided to then settle their score in the ring on the Survivor Series Kickoff, Swagger made his country proud with an all-American victory. Swagger locked Cesaro in the Patriot Lock early, putting the Swiss Superman in trouble, but Cesaro kicked his way out out of the hold, driving Swagger out of the ring. As the battle raged on, Cesaro hit The All-American American with two vicious German suplexes, but on the attempted third, Swagger countered with another Patriot Lock, this time forcing his former ally to tap out. We The People!

WINNER: Jack Swagger

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