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Jack Swagger vs Titus O’Neil

Swagger charges the corner and hits Titus a few times, then Titus shoves him back and they fight for position in a tie up. Titus mocks Swagger so Swagger sweeps his legs and connects with some mounted punches, then he whips him to the opposite corner and kicks him in the face. Swagger kicks Titus from the apron, then he tries to pull him back in but Titus whips him shoulder first into the ringpost. Titus repeatedly punches him and hits a fallaway slam, then Swagger snaps his head on the ropes and charges at him. Titus hits a clothesline and ties him up in the ropes, then goes for another fallaway slam but Swagger swings around and makes him tap out to the Patriot Lock.

Winner – Jack Swagger

Rusev and Lana come out and taunt Swagger with the United States Championship, and Swagger just stares back as Rusev raises the title above his head.

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